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The Warren County Genealogical Society has indexed all deaths in Warren County as listed below. We also have a master death index searchable by surname available in our resource library.  This page contains links to the every name indexes for the Death Records of Warren County, Ohio, compiled by the Warren County Genealogical Society. If you would like to see the surnames click below on the corresponding link. These are large files, so please be patient while they load.

Researchers are encouraged to come in and look up these records. If you find your ancestor listed here and would like more information, contact our research department.


From County Records:
1867 to 1881
A-L & M-Z
1881 to 1904
A-L & M-Z
1904 to 1908
1909 to 1915
1916 to 1920
1921 to 1925
1926 to 1930
1931 to 1935   (Coming Soon)
1936 to 1940   (Coming Soon)
From the Township Assessor Records

1886-1907 (Assessor records) A-L
1886-1907 (Assessor records) M-Z

From Census Mortality Indexes


Death records for Warren County, Ohio begin in 1867 and were filed in the Probate Court.  No birth records were maintained prior to this time.  The Warren County Probate Court continued to maintain births from 1867 to 19 Dec 1908. The registers are currently located in the Edna L. Bowyer Warren County Ohio Record Center & Archives. These early birth records were recorded in oversized hard-bound books such that each entry spanned 2 pages.  The information generally provided the deceasedís name, death date & place, age at death, birth place, parentsí names (if a child), cause of death, residence and occupation.  The accuracy varied depending on the informant.  Starting December 20, 1908, official state level birth certificates were required. These were issued by the Warren County Health Department with a copy sent to The Division of Vital Statistics of the Ohio Department of Health. Death records from 20 Dec 1908 through 31 Dec 1952 were archived at the Ohio Historical Society. The Ohio Heath Department continues to hold the records from 1 Jan 1953 to the present. Copies of the Ohio Historical Society microfilms are also available at the Cincinnati Public Library and the Akron Public Library and maybe elsewhere.

Additional information on these later death records might also include the deceased's sex, color, birth date & place, marital status, burial location, undertaker/funeral home, occupation, military service details if applicable, etc.  The townships of Warren County also kept records of deaths overlapping in some years as the Probate Court death records, called Township Assessor Records.  The information contained in these records is similar and both records should be checked. 


Obtaining Copies of Death Certificates

As of 1 July 2003, the state and county health departments stopped providing uncertified copies of death certificates.  Certified copies of death certificates from 1 Jan 1955 to present can be ordered from the Ohio Department of Health for $21.50. Refer to their website for directions on ordering:  www.odh.ohio.gov/vitalstatistics/vitalstats.aspx  Certified copies from 20 Dec 1908 to date can also be obtained from the Warren County Health Department  for $22. Uncertified copies are still available from the Ohio Historical Society for records from 20 Dec 1908 to 31 Dec 1952 using their on-line form. As of 4 June 2006 their website indicates the fee is $7. If you visit the Society in Columbus, you can view [and print] a copy of the certificates yourself in their microfilm room.  The microfilms of the death certificate through 31 Dec 1952 have also been acquired by at least two libraries - Cincinnati & Akron. Images of Ohio Death Certificates from 1908 through 1952 are available on line at http://www.familysearch.org  [Click on Historical Records then USA, then type Ohio.]

Researching Death Records

1.  The Death Registers from 1867 to 1908 are available at the Edna L. Bowyer Warren County Ohio Record Center & Archives. Copies  are  $0.05 each.

2.  The Ohio Department of Health will search a ten year period for a given surname for $3.

3.  The Ohio Historical Society will search for one name in two of their indexes (which you specify) for $25.


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