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This page contains a collection of miscellaneous obituaries which we have not been able to date.  If you can identify the year of death for any of these, we would appreciate it if you would share the information with us. If you find your ancestor listed here, and you are unable to come in to the Resource Library to look up the original obituary yourself, please contact our research department. Please be advised, though, that some of these early entries are no more than a line or two and some are very difficult to read on the microfilm that we are getting them from.
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Surname Given Name Year Page Newspaper
Bowlin Edward B. no date 1  
Bowman L. A. no date 1  
Byrd Edetha no date 1  
Carrier Emmerson no date 1  
Carter Albert no date 1  
Clark Alice Flesher no date 6 Cincinnati Enquirer
Coleman John F. no date 1  
Copp Lucille D. no date 2  
Dougherty Mr. no date 6 unnamed paper
Eaton Robert Lynn no date 2  
Enyart Mary Margaret no date 2  
Gabbard Raymond D. no date 2  
Gray Fred (Mrs.) no date 6  
Harper Cora B. no date 7 unnamed paper
Harper Lulu no date 2  
Henson Waldemar no date 2  
Hollingsworth Mabel (Campbell) no date 2  
Johnson William M. no date 3  
Keever Oscar (Mrs.) no date 3  
Kennedy Philip E. no date 3  
Kerby Lydia no date 6 unnamed paper
Kirby Lillian no date 3  
Kreisher Mary B. no date 3  
Kupfer John no date 3  
Leggett Robert D. no date 3  
Little Thomas no date 3  
Lovely Ora Belle no date 4  
Miller Martin Marshall no date 4  
Montgomery Sherman no date 4  
Murphy Katharine no date 4  
Osborne Andy no date 6  
Perrin Delores no date 4  
Robinson Scott no date 4  
Romans Ada M. no date 5  
Scofield Alice (Clark) no date 5  
Swan Jean no date 6 unnamed paper
Taylor Hiram C. no date 5  
Turner Jeffrey Marshall no date 5  
Wallace Jerry Kidston no date 5  
Wheelen Teresa M. no date 5  
Whitaker George F. (Mrs.) no date 5  
Wysong Idena M. no date 5  
Yates A. M. (Mrs.) no date 7 unnamed paper
Yates Adaline Miriam no date 7 unnamed paper



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