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This page contains information about the Court Records of Warren County, Ohio that the Warren County Genealogical Society has available for your use. Warren County has kept detailed court records and has excellent research facilities to search for these records.  The records provide glimpses into the lives of our ancestors left behind in their paper trails.  Court records include information about probate, estates, mental illnesses, adoptions, domestic relations such as divorces and child custody cases, juvenile cases such as those offenses concerning children, common pleas records including civil and criminal cases, lawsuits for personal injury, property damage, contracts and wrongful deaths, traffic and minor offense cases and other such situations.  WCGS has indexed many of these records.   If you are searching for Court records and need copies or help, please contact our research department and we will assist you in finding what you need.

It is important to understand how the court system is organized in Warren County to find the appropriate record.  This has changed over time.  Upon statehood, Warren County’s court records are found in the Court of Common Pleas and maintained by the clerk of courts.  This included all probate matters, marriage licenses, etc.  The Ohio Constitution of 1851 added the Probate Court as a separate court but with appellate jurisdiction to the Common Pleas Court.  The Court of Common Pleas appellate jurisdiction has changed over time as follows:


Ohio Judicial Structure


Supreme Court

Chief & 6 Justices

Court of last resort, all constitutional questions, questions of public interest, appeals from Board of Tax appeals, appeals

from public utilities commissions



Court of Appeals

12 Districts, 3 Judge Courts

General Appellate Court from Common Pleas, Municipal,

County Courts and Board of Tax appeals



County Courts

Traffic cases, minor offenses, civil cases, small claims

  Municipal Court

Civil cases <$15,000, some Criminal cases
  Common Pleas Court

Civil & criminal cases, appeals from most administrative govt’s
  Court of Claims

Suits against state, personal injury, property damage, contracts, wrongful deaths
      Probate Division
estates, mental illness, adoptions


  General Division




Domestic Relations Division
divorce & child custody


  Juvenile Court
offenses concerning children




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